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Chrono Diet

It's important WHAT to eat, but also WHEN to eat!

This is the diet that allows you to eat CARBS! In #Chrono it is all about timing and combining foods. And not all carbs are allowed, but still, you can eat them in the morning. I personally like this diet, it is a well balanced, low carb diet that allows fruit, which is the one thing that I did miss being on a #keto diet. The most important part is that you eat at a certain time and allow four to six hours between meals.

For breakfast, you can eat everything: the carbohydrates, proteins, fats. But you should be careful to avoid wheat and corn. Permitted flours are barley, rye, buckwheat, oat… You can eat even processed meat, and bacon, but make sure to buy the local products to avoid additives.

For lunch, you should eat rich protein foods such as beef, pork, veal or lamb, but without carbs and bread. If you eat carbs then eat them with vegetables. Also, you should eat fresh vegetables or in the form of salads.

For dinner, you can also eat proteins, but lighter, like white meat or fish. Sometimes you can eat cheese with a salad, but it’s only when you pass the weight loss phase. The dinner can be combined only with white or green vegetables. Sweets, even the fruits are eaten only in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner, not in the morning.

The best choice is dark chocolate with at least 70 percents of cocoa and dried fruits such as plums or figs. This diet has some basic rules that you should follow whole your life because this is not a typical diet: properly combine the foods, proteins and carbs are allowed only for a lunch, and skipping meals is strictly prohibited.

If you need to lose a lot of weight then follow a restriction. In the period of restriction snacks, including fruit, because they have a lot of sugar, are excluded from the diet. From the diet are temporarily excluded all starchy vegetables, too, and the carbs for lunch.

This diet really works! But like I said you DON'T SKIP MEALS! Before you start, do some research, consult with a doctor and if you're up for it go for it! It will help you lose weight, it is a healthy lifestyle that you should follow!

I had a problem with the breakfast part! I am not a morning person and my day starts with coffee, that is why I couldn't stay on #Chrono. I did not like getting up and starting cooking! But the diet is good if you think you can stick to it, you will lose weight and not starve during the process! Go for it!