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Keto diet plan

The most popular diet nowadays is Keto, so if you have weight issues why not give it a go? It worked for me to be honest. However it is really difficult to find a diet plan, you either have to pay for it or make it yourself. My advice for you is don't pay for a diet plan when you can make one for yourself!The problem is where to start?

Well, I am here to help! Here is a 2 week keto diet plan, you can start with that and then modify it by your preferences! This is for beginners so no fruit is allowed in the first 28 days, that is until you reach Ketosis, no snacks please, 3 meals a day for 28 days is best.

Good luck!

Week 1


Breakfast: 2 eggs (sunny side up or omelet) with 2-3 slices of bacon fried in one teaspoon of coconut or olive oil, ,green salad as a side dish (spinach, lettuce,baby leaf salad,cucumber...the choice is yours)

Lunch: Chicken salad (2 medium size chicken breasts, boiled+green salad+tomatoes+boiled egg+soft cheese (you can leave the cheese out if you are dairy intolerant)+olive oil and lemon juice(from one squeezed lemon) as a dressing

Dinner: Seared salmon and a mixed green salad with avocado and olive oil.


Breakfast:Two fried eggs in olive oil and 1/2 of avocado with tomato and cilantro salsa (if you can't make the salsa,make tomato salad with onions instead) and a piece of soft cheese.

Lunch: Cauliflower pizza with tomatoes, onions, shrimp or tuna, and soft cheese.

Dinner: Zoodles (zucchini noodles) with ground beef and homemade tomato sauce.


Breakfast: Classic bacon and eggs cooked in bacon fat.

Lunch: Roast beef with green salad and olive oil.

Dinner: Shrimp, tomato, and avocado salad with olive oil and lime.


Breakfast: Frittata with broccoli

Lunch: Turkey slices with almonds, avocado and cucumber.

Dinner: Lamb chops with herb butter.


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs in butter with tomato and cilantro and full fat Greek yogurt on the side.

Lunch: Salami and mayo(1-2 table spoons),cheese,radishes, avocado and olive oil.

Dinner: Lettuce salad sandwich with chicken and tomato.


Breakfast: Boiled eggs with mayonnaise and tomato.

Lunch:Chicken salad with greens of your choice and olive oil.

Dinner: Roasted chicken and cabbage.


Breakfast: Eggplant hash (eggplant seared in olive oil) topped with fried eggs.

Lunch: Salami,roasted pepper and mixed green salad.

Dinner: Baked salmon with pesto.

Week 2


Breakfast: Fried egg with tomato salsa and avocado and sour cream on the side.

Lunch: Pepperoni and cream cheese rolls,celery slices,cherry tomatoes and almonds.

Dinner: Beef in cream sauce and steamed zucchini.


Breakfast: Keto coconut porridge (coconut flour, egg, coconut oil,coconut cream mixed together over a saucepan)

Lunch: Bacon, avocado, and French onion dip sandwich with cloud bread and almonds.

Dinner: Pan-fried pork.


Breakfast: Slices of fresh ham and cheese, rolled together and full fat Greek yogurt

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs, avocado slices,cucumber and cream cottage cheese for dipping.

Dinner: Cooked chicken meatballs with zoodles and Parmesan cheese.


Breakfast: Two fried eggs over kale sautéed in olive oil.

Lunch: Tuna salad with mixed greens and plenty of olive oil.

Dinner:  Chicken stir-fry in canola oil with bok choy and cabbage.


Breakfast: Low-carb pancakes (eggs + cream cheese + butter + almond flour + oat fiber + lemon zest + baking powder).

Lunch: Sautéed chicken and broccoli, two pieces of cheese, celery, and cream dipping sauce.

Dinner: Bacon-wrapped asparagus and brie.


Breakfast: Baked eggs with tomato and sausage,cucumber and mayo.

Lunch: Smoked salmon and avocado plate.

Dinner: Scallop avocado salad.


Breakfast: Green smoothie (avocado + MCT oil + cucumber + spinach + parsley + hemp seeds + turmeric + lemon).

Lunch: Chicken salad sandwich with cloud bread and macadamia nuts.

Dinner: Zucchini lasagna (ground beef + mozzarella + Parmesan + zucchini slices).

After the first two weeks you can combine these foods for the next two weeks. Also if you like you can start your day with bulletproof coffee (look for my recipe), it gives you an energy kick in the morning. Also you can swap the dairy products for non-dairy and after 28 days you can start having different sorts of berries for snack!

Check out my recipes too, I am sure you'll find something that will suit your taste!