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My Plan!OZ approved!

Updated: May 19, 2019

Here is my diet plan that is healthy, allows me to eat my favorite foods and its helping me maintain my weight!

I follow Dr.Oz's advice!

I tried several diets and even though they all worked and I lost the weight I was aiming to lose, I still wasn't happy! So I started following these simple rules and created a healthy diet plan that keeps me fed, on the right weight track and most of all, happy! I eat all my favorite foods!

My day looks like this:

I get up at 7 AM and start my day with coffee, plain or bulletproof.

Breakfast is around 10-10.30AM and usually I eat chia seed pudding with nuts, berries and dark chocolate. Sometimes I add a teaspoon of honey or dates. Tastes amazing!

Put half a cup chia seeds in a bowl. Add milk ( I use almond milk) and leave it sit for at least half an hour. Some leave it overnight, but I don't. Half an hour is just fine for the seeds to absorb the milk. Put 1/2 oz dark chocolate in the bowl and microwave the bowl for 3 min on medium heat. Take it out and put berries, nuts, honey in, stir it a bit and it's ready to eat!

Lunch time is usually 4 hours after breakfast. Usually for lunch I eat meat (mostly white, chicken or fish), fresh salad (mostly green salad), non-starchy veggies and sometimes a dessert! The meals are always different, if its pasta day, I eat zucchini pasta, if its pizza day I make cauliflower or quinoa pizza crust and so on. There is always a healthy replacement for your favorite meals. Even if I eat dessert its made of almond flour, dates, homemade jam (no sugar) etc. You can find hundreds of recipes online and if you are interested in my favorites, you can check my recipes section!

Dinner is easy, 4 hours after lunch but sometimes i kind of skip it and eat fruit instead of a full meal, but most of the time I eat salad, any salad. Remember, only healthy dressings are allowed! Olive oil, apple cider vinegar (no added sugar), unlimited herbs, mustard (no added sugar) or honey if you prefer, or a combination of all.

I stop eating after 8 PM.

And remember: drink plenty of water! 2 liters or 8 big glasses, one glass at a time! Drinking water helps you to stay hydrated and reduces the feeling of hunger. Sometimes when you feel hungry drink a glass of water, maybe your body just needs to drink instead of eat!